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Age of Conan Best Solo Class

What is the best Solo Class in Age of Conan? In Age of Conan there is a multitude of different classes, all of them are suited for solo play but some of them are better than other. Classes are divided into 4 different archetypes : Soldier, Priest, Rogue and Mage. In this guide we will go over all the different classes and try to find out which classes are the best for soloing. Keep in mind that how well a class solo comes a lot down to skill and playstyle and quite a few different factors. The class that i personally think is the best at soloing might not be the best one for you, so in the end you should base your class choice on what class you want to play.

age of conan best solo class

Age of Conan Best Solo Class


Soldiers are the frontline warriors of Age of Conan. Their job is to tank and taunt enemies to attack them, while doing damage melee. When soloing a Soldier you want to be able to take a lot of damage and dish out good DPS at the same time.


Soloability : Moderate / High

Guardians are capable of taking a lot of damage making them a decent solo class. You won’t die a lot as a Guardian, the only downside though is that you won’t kill things quite as fast as most other classes.

Pros: Heavy Armor, Shields, High Survivability

Cons: Not great DPS

Dark Templar


Soloability : Moderate / High

Conquerors are a good solo choice if you want to play a soldier. They have good armor and survivability combined with decent DPS due to their mastery with 2 handed weapons or dual wielding.

Pros: Plate Armor, good DPS



Priests are healers that can keep themselves and their allies alive with powerful healing spells. They also have buffs that will increase your stats to increase survivability. Being able to heal yourself is very important when it comes to surviving solo.

Priest of Mitra

Soloability : High

Being able to heal yourself is one of the biggest advantages of soloing, so POM’s score high when it comes to soloing.

Pros: Heals, Decent DPS

Cons: Low armor

Tempest of Set

Soloability : High

The ToS have healing spells as well as AoE damage spells and Crowd Control spells, all of these things are strong advantages when it comes to soloing.

Pros : Healing, Crowd Control, AOE Damage and Heals


Bear Shaman

Soloability : High

Like the other Priests, Bear Shamans are great soloers. They are capable of doing melee DPS and can wear medium armor (other healers only wear light).

Pros: Heals, Medium Armor, decent DPS



Rogues are melee DPS characters that can do huge amounts of damage with their weapons. When soloing they rely on DPS to quickly kill their enemies, as they don’t have the survivability of soldiers and they can’t heal themselves like Priests.


Soloability: Moderate / High

Barbarians might be the best Rogue Solo Class. They do huge amounts of melee damage. They can only wear light armor though, but they can stun and knock down their enemies which is a big plus.

Pros: Good DPS, Stuns / Knockdowns, Stealth

Cons: Light Armor


Soloability : Low

Although all classes can be soloed in AoC, the Assassin scores pretty low if you compare it with other classes. Low armor, no heals means you will die a lot. They do great DPS but is not the optimal choice for soloing.

Pros: Good DPS, Stealth

Cons: Low armor, low survivability


Soloability: Low

Like the Assassin, Rangers are hard to solo. They do good dps but have to be very selective with their pulls and can’t take much damage.

Pros: Good Dps, Stealth

Cons: Low survivability


Like Rogues, Mages depend on quickly killing their enemies to stay alive. They also have buffs and minions that can help them in battle, as well as buffs that can improve survivability.


Soloability : Moderate / High

Demonologists are capable of doing a lot of damage to their foes in a short amount of time, both single target and AOE. They also have buffs and good crowd control.

Pros: Single Target and AOE Damage, Buffs, Crow Control

Cons: Can’t take much damage

Herald of Xotli

Soloability : Low

The HoX can do quite some damage, and have nice buffs. They tend to die very quickly though and is not an ideal class for soloing

Pros: Good DPS

Cons: Low armor, Low survivability


Soloability : High

Necromancers can summon the dead to do their bidding, this is a big advantage when soloing as you won’t be taking all the damage yourself. Necromancers also have powerful direct damage and DoT spells.

Pros: Good Damage, Pets

Cons: Can’t take much damage


In the end, any class can level up to level 80 and there is no best solo class. But if i would have to choose i would go for a Guardian or Conqueror for Fighters, any of the healers, a Barbarian for rogues and a Demonologist or Necromancer for Mages. From personal experience the Tempest of Set and Priest of Mitra have been the easiest two to level up solo, but i prefer healer classes. Click here for more info on all AoC Classes.

In the end choose the class that suits you, good luck!

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